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Tour Saint Jaques
Tour Saint Jacques (Tower of Saint James), Paris

Public transport: Paris - Vézelay

Trains in the direction of Vézelay depart from the small Paris Bercy Station, which is close to the much larger and more well-known Paris Gare de Lyon Station.
From Gare de Lyon to Paris Bercy Station it is about a 1 km walk, via the Rue de Bercy, or take the Metro (line 14) to 'Bercy' (the first stop after Gare de Lyon).

Attention: pickpockets, especially on busy platforms and in the trains of the subway!

Alternative: by Flixbus (bus station Bercy-Seine) to Auxerre (train station) and from there continue by train.

Get off at Sermizelles-Vézelay station. From there a bus (LR 505) goes to Vézelay.
- Journey Planner of the French Railways (SNCF) (English)
- Timetable bus (PDF). Please note: on weekends you need to book the bus (see leaflet).


  • on foot (PDF)
  • by taxi:
    - Cyril Taxis - Vézelay, tel : 03 86 33 19 06
    - Annette Devry Taxis - Sermizelles, tel : 06 87 41 16 69
    - Carlos Taxi - Givry, tel : 06 84 83 85 40

Public transport: Tour de Vézelay

Bus and train connections around Vézelay are limited.

An additional option: hitchhiking (using common sense). It is not uncommon for a motorist to stop to offer you a lift. Everyone knows that there is little public transport.


Sermizelles-Vézelay train station
By car


By car 

Via the A6 motorway (Paris - Lyon): exit Auxerre (n° 20), Nitry (n° 21) or Avallon (n° 22). 

There is a charge for parking throughout the municipality of Vézelay. You can buy a ticket at the parking meters: € 12 for one week. If you want to park for more than a week, you must buy a card at the town hall. (Rue Saint-Pierre, about 125 m from the basilica; opening hours and parking information.) An annual card costs € 20.
Alternative: parking at the campsite of Vézelay. ('Garage mort', € 3 per day, website.)
Parking at the hostel in Le Chemin (municipality of Anthien) is unfortunately not possible.  

Carpooling: BlaBlaCar