Map updated on November 9, 2021.
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The surroundings of Vézelay are sparsely populated. Wonderful for walking, but for shelter, food and drink it is sometimes a puzzle. We have mapped out the options.

On the map opposite are visible:

If you zoom in further, these facilities will become visible:

  • pilgrims' accommodation (maroon markers),
  • other accommodation (red markers),
  • other facilities (blue markers): shops, etc..

More information about a facility becomes visible when you click on the marker.
Please let us know if any information is incorrect, via the feedback option in your app or an e-mail.

Information on the go:

You can install these files on your smartphone:

  • overview (PDF):
    - Facilities (March 4, 2022)
  • tracks (to be combined with a route track; each file contains information about all routes = Tour de Vézelay, access routes and circular walks):
    - KML file (Maps.me) (November 8,2021)
    KML file (Google Earth) (November 8, 2021)
    - GPX file (Garmin(November 8,2021)
    - GPX file (GPXViewer(November 8, 2021)
    - GPX file (OSMand(November 8,2021)
    - GPX file (ViewRanger(November 8, 2021)
  • Tips:
    - if you can't download a file, try again with a different browser.
    - the new app Organic Maps has the same structure as Maps.me and functions better.
    - this is a manual (PDF) to install KML/GPX-files on your smartphone.

Update (July 14, 2022)

  • please note: most accommodation expect payment in cash.
  • the hostel Le Refuge in Saint-Père is for sale and is currently closed. 
  • new hostel in Tannay: gîte Champ d'Étoiles, 1 rue des Fossés-nord ; 5 places ; Anne-Sophie and Philippe Nusbaumer ; tel. 06 82 32 61 75 and 06 86 94 83 18 ; asnusbaumer@yahoo.fr ; price: donativo.