Tour de Vézelay - itinerary

Map updated on March 21, 2024.
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  • guide (1st edition, 2021), see below, also for updates.
  • files to download on your smartphone:
    > itinerary Tour de Vézelay:
    KML file (, Google Earth) (June 10, 2020)
    GPX file (overige apps) (June 10, 2020)
    > directions (PDF):
    - Tour de Vézelay West (Vézelay - Le Chemin) (2021)
    - Tour de Vézelay East (Le Chemin - Saint-Père) (2021)
    - Tour de Vézelay North (Saint-Père - Vézelay) (2021)



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Guide and pilgrim’s passport  

The guide (1st edition) to the Tour de Vézelay has 44 pages, is in color, with maps, in a handy sleeve and costs € 10,= (not including shipping). You can buy the guide in our hostel or order it by e-mail.  

The information about accommodation, shops, etc. is not included, but can be downloaded from: facilities

The guide contains additional information about: pilgrimage routes to and from Vézelay, and the regional heritage. 

The pilgrim’s passport to the Tour de Vézelay costs € 2,50 (not including shipping). Please order and use the pass only if you want to make the Tour as a pilgrim.

Tour de Vézelay guide.
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Guide & pilgrim’s passport

Updates guide

Update 1st edition (2021):

  • not yet.