Access on foot

Map updated on March 16, 2023.
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Here you will find information on the access routes, on foot, from two train stations to Vézelay:

  1. Sermizelles-Vézelay station (9,5 and 11 km)
  2. Avallon station (20 km)

On the map opposite, the access routes are indicated by green lines, the stations by green markers. You will find more information if you click on a line or a marker. (You will find more information on the map here, top right).

Information on the go:

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    The information about accommodation, shops, etc. is not included, but can be downloaded from: facilities (PDF and KML/GPX).

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Railway stations (SNCF)
The Sermizelles-Vézelay and Avallon stations are on the same line, from the Paris Bercy station. See our travelling information.

1. Sermizelles - Vézelay (9,5 and 11 km) 

This access route from this station has two variants. In either case, it is a very nice walk to Vezelay:

  • via Givry (9,5 km); this variant largely follows a quiet asphalt road through the valley of the Cure (east side) 
  • via Blannay (11 km); this variant goes over the flank of the valley (west side), so has greater height differences and is much less on asphalt.

> route (both variants): 
   - KML file (, Google Earth) (November 8, 2021
   - GPX file (other applications) (November 8, 2021

> directions (PDF, variant via Givry)

Asquins - Vallée de la Cure
Looking back from Vézelay: Asquins and the Cure valley

2. Avallon - Vézelay (20 km) 

Avallon is an old fortified town, beautifully situated on the edge of the Cousin valley. 
From the town you descend to the river, which you follow for about 6 km, to Pontaubert. Then you cross, via hills, forests and farmlands, to the valley of the Cure. When descending you have beautiful views of Vézelay. Then you ascend again, up the 'eternal hill'. 

> route: 
   - KML file (, Google Earth) (November 8, 2021
   - GPX file (other applications) (November 8, 2021

> directions (PDF, see 2nd page).